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Divorce Guide: Essential Steps for a Smooth Process

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Legal Custody Petition

Step-by-Step Guide to Filing a Legal Custody Petition

Victoria StavoOct 27, 202322 min read

If you are considering petitioning for legal custody, it’s important to understand that the process can be complex and challenging. From assessing your eligibility to presenting your case effectively in court, there are many factors to consider. In this comprehensive…

Joint Physical Custody

Joint Physical Custody: Essential Benefits and Drawbacks

Victoria StavoOct 27, 202320 min read

Joint physical custody has become an increasingly common custody arrangement in recent years. It involves both parents sharing physical custody of the children, which means the children spend equal or near-equal amounts of time with both parents. While joint physical…

Social Coping for Children

Child Social Coping: Essential Tips for Children

Victoria StavoOct 25, 202320 min read

As parents, we all want our children to be happy and well-adjusted, with strong social skills and the ability to handle life’s ups and downs with resilience and confidence. It’s important to remember that “child social coping” is a key…

Talking to Your Child About Divorce

Talking to Your Child About Divorce – Key Considerations

Victoria StavoOct 25, 202317 min read

Divorce is a challenging experience for the entire family, especially for children. As a parent, it’s essential to approach the topic with sensitivity and care while considering key factors that can make a significant impact on your child’s emotional well-being.…

Divorce Counseling

Why Divorce Counseling Helps Kids: A Guide

Victoria StavoOct 25, 202316 min read

Divorce can be an emotionally challenging time for children. It can cause feelings of confusion and anxiety and disrupt their sense of stability and security. However, divorce counseling can help children navigate this difficult transition, minimize stress, and facilitate healthy…