The Basics

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Children Emotional Reaction to Divorce

Understanding Child Reaction to Divorce: Key Insights

Victoria StavoOct 25, 202317 min read

When parents choose to part ways, the “child reaction to divorce” can be profound, manifesting as anger, sadness, confusion, anxiety, or fear. It’s essential to recognize and address these emotions to support children through this difficult transition. It is essential…

Pros and Cons of Divorce

Divorce Effects: Pros and Cons of Divorce

Victoria StavoOct 25, 202316 min read

Divorce is a major life decision that can have both positive and negative effects on individuals and families. While it can bring relief from a strained or unhappy relationship, it can also be a challenging and emotional process that involves…

Annulment Vs Divorce

Annulment Vs Divorce – What’s The Difference?

Victoria StavoOct 24, 202318 min read

If you find yourself in a marriage that is not working out, you may be considering annulment or divorce. While both options involve the dissolution of a marriage, they have significant differences in terms of legal consequences, advantages, and suitability…

DIY Divorce Process

DIY Divorce: Is It Possible & How Does It Work?

Victoria StavoOct 24, 202316 min read

Ending a marriage can be a daunting and emotionally charged process. While many couples elect to use a lawyer to navigate the divorce process, some choose to initiate a “do-it-yourself” (DIY) divorce, handling the matter themselves without legal representation. In…

Scottish Divorce Law

Scottish Divorce Law: Essentials & Key Differences

Victoria StavoOct 24, 202322 min read

Divorce is a challenging process for anyone, regardless of where they live. In Scotland, there are specific laws and regulations that govern divorce proceedings. Understanding Scottish Divorce Law is essential to navigating the legal process more smoothly. In this section,…